Monday, January 18, 2010

when i was 14 my mum wouldnt let me go to warped tour
i cried for like a year!
i'm still sorta p.o.'ed bout it

Friday, December 18, 2009

Avlin Samuel

Monday, December 7, 2009

teenage dyke crush

dan-yella dislexica is the most ultimate underage queer girl punk ever!
at sixteen she ranaway from home to the bay area and played bass in the gr'ups (with anna joy and jesse from blatz!!!!!!)and was totally out and active and vegan and a tom boy and just really cute!! and like ONLY SIXTEEN!

fast foward 17 years and shes now just know as daniela sea from the l word hahaha ew

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a few weeks short of two years
but i truly think we'll be best friends forever
and now i live in a new city and a new state
i was so scared
but its without a doubt the right decision
i really wanna learn how to sew

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

we're moving all our stuff out this weekend
than im driving down to melbourne with silver on monday
and im gonna stay til me or shelagh find a place, and i guess where ever it is we will move to
im pretty terrified

Friday, March 6, 2009


my mum grew up in a domestic violence household in housing commission in western sydney and married some boring butchers son who decided to go in a draw with his touch footy mates to buy some cheap land in a farming area in outter western sydney. my mum decided to spend the thousands she was saving to travel the world on building a home on this land. the area i grew up in and where my mum lived for like over 25 years didnt exist as a suburb until the 80s. the area was quickly populated with young poor families who couldnt believe they could finally liv the australian dream.

my mum quit her callcentre job about a year before i was born. she made a friend when waiting in line at a doctors when i was a few months old. she also befriended my grade one teacher. she also had a friend shed know since highschool. she didnt really hav many friends. she once told me that my father wouldnt speak to her much and she thought that this must be because he has lots of deep thought running through his mind, it took her years to realise he wasnt thinking anything. my mum always knew he was cheating on her but i guess it all blew up when i was seven. the police came over a few times to stop fights. they were offically divorced when i was eight.

we never really had much money like everyone else who lived in that area. we were living "under the poverty line" for a few years and hav been on centrelink since 1996 but we owned a home so it was ok. my mum got a job in the army. when i was 10 i told a girl at my school that when i grow up i wanna live with friends, she said "you cant live with friends, you have to live with your husband" and i said "but i dont think i'll get married" she very seriously responded by saying "but, you have to get married, thats what everyone does when they get older".
in year six i begged my mum to let me go to an all girls school near the mountains, not the derro local highschool. and althou i still copped lots of homophobic/sexist/racist/just dumb shit at that school i cannot even comprehend how i would hav ever survived at the local school.

when i was 13 my suburb got lots of media attention as lots of the animals at the local highschools agplot had been raped/parts of the school had been burned down. a few years later there was more attention towards the media dubbed "st (suburb name here) rapist". there were an average of 3 reported sexual attacks a week for about two months. most of these on young women in early hours of the morning. i guess this is a good example of what life was like in my suburb.
if you were a girl you did not leave your house alone after sun set. once i was walking home at 11pm on a friday with my brother and the cops pulled us over and questioned us as to why we were outside.
also the last busses that went to the train station were at 7pm.


and last month my mum sold that house.
the money she sold it for cannot buy another house, not even an apartment in a good area but the army is paying half her rent for her to live in ROZELLE!!!
now she can walk to the shops, walk to public transport, go somewhere in under an hour!!, make friends, do fun things, be surrounded by positive stuff, have a life!!!!


i feel like this is a really incomplete story of my life, her life, life in that suburb.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

a story

last week i was sleeping in shauns bed with tully and sally.
I was against the wall, tully was in the middle and sally was near the bed side table where my phone lay.
we were all asleep when emmett called me.
it woke me up so i jumped up quickly to answer and as i was reaching over to the table sally sat up and started screaming.
i panicked and grab her sholders with both hands and started screaming.
so we sat there screaming and stairing into each others eyes while tully was still aswell between us.
after what felt like an awquardly longer time than this should have been going on for i answered the phone and was so shook up i just yelled at emmett and he hung up.